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We imbue our 15 years of experience into each of our projects. Get to know the story of how we built our company ahead of your next project becoming a part of our proud legacy.

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Designing Beautiful, Eco-friendly Spaces

SUN CONSTRUCTION .London is the next step in the evolution of SUN STUDIO .London. Founded by Davit Tumanyan as a glazing solutions provider at its inception, the expansion of experienced staff through the years made SUN STUDIO .London the UK’s premier choice of bespoke staircase provider.

The sophisticated design, engineering and architectural expertise that constitutes the core of the SUN team naturally translated from intricate glazing and staircase solutions to more ambitious build projects. Given the breadth and proficiency of our design and build team, in addition to handling the fabrication of all our products in our factory, SUN CONSTRUCTION .London came to be in order to comprehensively provide bespoke solutions from the planning phase of a project to its ultimate realisation. View our projects to see how SUN CONSTRUCTION .London can work with you to realise the property of your dreams!

Our Work

We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality materials. We are manufacturing everything under one roof in Brentford Factory.

Central London

Toughened Glass

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Metal Stability Post

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Premium Amenities At Your Fingertips

Highly Trained Staff

We employ our team of qualified design, engineering and architectural experts to meet the demands of the modern construction industry.

Nationwide Coverage

Whether your project is in London or Glasgow, we are able to take it on with 100% care and quality.

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We are experts at time management. Our offers come with ensured lead time guarantee.


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Bespoke Products

All of our products and services are bespoke. We are always keen to modify the products as per our client's requirements.

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